Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Why in Mobile technology Customer Experience Really Matters

With increased online activity occurring now on mobile devices, the requirement to direct even the smallest of your business as part of your marketing efforts to the platform is quite critical. In today's technology space, a mobile website is a mandatory however it should only be the start of your mobile marketing efforts.
With your website as the center, your overall marketing approach should include a diversity of other parallel marketing tasks. One side of your business in precise that can help very much from mobile technology is customer service, particularly with respect to the use of a mobile app.

Mobile Means Instant
The businesses that flourish with the most with mobile users are those that make interactions quite fast, uncomplicated and immediate. When a query appears, if a customer is unwilling to rely on email or a phone call they are far more likely to quit a business than if the question can be answered within the existing interface.

The mobile application developers can create fundamental customer service mobile apps or tailor made off-the-shelf apps to the requirements of any company. No matter which choice the users may have, providing the responsibility to provide simple access to key information is a must. In many cases this can prevent even support tickets from being generated.

Advantages of Mobile-Friendly Customer Service
Being able to answer customer’s queries as they shop, you can more productively facilitate the buying process and prevent the resentment that all too often ends in a customer leaving one site and going to another.

As a result, your business can grow by taking advantage of mobile app technology for your customer service functions which includes:

  • More conversion rates When shopping is made easier and the required information is easy to access, customers will be present with the process on your site and are more likely to buy from your site.
  • Improvised brand image Your  website business will not only be known as the one with a particular product or service but also as the one who was uncomplicated to work with on a mobile platform.
  • Encourages repeat business When you make it easy for users to buy from you one time, you make it quite easier for them to buy from you again.
  • Growth of lifetime value of customers When users do business with you repeatedly, the overall return on your investment for that one customer increases.
Taking good care of your customers at all stages of the buying process from consideration to delivery is the way to keep them coming back.

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