Friday, 30 May 2014

Online Reputation Management

In today’s competitive environment, it is of predominant priority to enhance your online reputation. Having excellent business repute will drive lots of traffic for your business it really does not matter how big or small your business maybe; it is crucial that it is well secured and branded accordingly. It takes quite effort from the business owners to build a consistent online business reputation. It takes many years for some firms to brand themselves in the market but only a few minutes to shatter it. An individual feedback from an angry and unsatisfied customer is enough to wreck its reputation to a great extent. The internet is extensively considered as an excellent platform for all types of business be it small or large scale. Online Reputation management is the primary answer to such successes of these firms. It incredibly helps to increase brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

It is important for every firm to necessarily to continue to have good repute both online as well as offline. There are many benefits of having a good reputation which helps in building confidence and increase revenue. This ultimately leads to greater profits and more gains. Apart from aiding a business to create a brand it also acts as a block for many rivals. A positive or negative feedback can either improve or tamper a brand. By the name definition, reputation management is the secret to the prosperity of a business. With the online reputation of a firm it will definitely help to boost positive user satisfaction and benefit to the success of the overall business. There are numerous reasons why reputation management is profitable for every business listed are some:

Generate improved social media - A major benefit of reputation management is generated through better social media optimization. This helps to know the impact, responsiveness of the content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Whenever an organization selects reputation management they try to research the methods how users search for particular firms’s products and goods. It extensively helps firms to get a chance to find the exact keywords thus boosting the SEO rankings of that website.

Enhance Customer experience- The main goals of reputation management are to grant every business the right to know the positive and as negative aspects about their brand. Knowing what the customer’s look and feel about a product will immensely help to work on those grey areas. It will also highlight the strengths and weakness of a business.

Decrease Marketing Costs –Customers like to associate with a very innovative and creative business that use end of the day very effective strategy. Using online reputation management a business is able to find various platforms to reach to its intended audience. It is the probably best and cost effective way to market the brand.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Which is the best among Android, Windows and iPhone?

The smartphone sphere is currently influenced by three major mobile platforms: Apple's iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows platform. While there are other mobile OS such as Firefox OS and Blackberry only these three mobile platforms mentioned previously has been able to conquer 90% of the smart phone and tablet market. Out of the several mobile handset manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Asus and Samsung most of these use these operating systems on their devices. These systems have their own advantages and often it becomes quite challenging to choose the exact platform a mobile user should entrust on.

As per the market data, Android phones lead the most shares due to the reason that there are several handset manufacturing firms who have embraced the Google's platform. Indeed, firms like LG, HTC and Samsung are part of the "Open Handset Alliance", which is a conglomerate which develops the Android operating system in association. The greatest advantage of Android is that it is open source software and there are multiple developers  and programmers who are using this in addition it is fully integrated with Google and thereby the users who are dependent on Google services this happens to be the suitable phone. 

The Google app store right now hosts thousands of free apps which is one of the major reasons why most smartphone users prefer Android. On the other side, the Android platform has several development issues. Since manufacturers are flexible to modify the software stack while offering customized solutions the system is quite not enhanced for the related hardware.

Microsoft totally has a disparate approach in the smartphone business. Contradictory to its desktop version, the Microsoft caters to a very distinct market and has limited handsets it supports such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Although the hardware-software integration is almost perfect, there are several issues with the platform which is one of the reasons that it is not so prominent in the market. Primarily, there is limited choice when it comes to applications. Secondarily it is more suited for business users who need to be in accord with Microsoft products for example Office suite.

Despite all this, when we think of innovation there is no match for Apple and its exemplary product, iPhone. The true pioneers of the smartphone business; Apple has reinvented the viewpoint of mobile gadgets and will continue to bring in modernization with every new version launched. The system is a locked and proprietary system however has extremely benefiting and progressive range of apps. Nevertheless it is targeted for high-end users and consequently do not cater to the every user in the market in general.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ecommerce and Web Design - The Perfect blend?

Are you planning to have your own eCommerce store sometime in the future? At this moment when more and more users are progressively heading to the internet to shop, sellers not having an online store can mean literally losing out on potential customers and revenue.

Having said all this just opening an online store will not benefit much. In addition you need to consider a number of other factors. The first thing to start with is having a great responsive web site design. Why does indeed having an elegant and excellent website design matter so much? The answer is:
  • First impression is the last impression – Let us assume that you are a seller you need to have a front page that actually displays the product and also speaks about your business and what you are offering often the first page of your website is that page which turns users to potential customers. Having a great front page and one that is popular and elegant will go a long way in earning revenue and potential customers.

  • Grasping the customer psyche – To put in simpler words website designs are quite disparate for various site niches. For example the website design of a Healthcare site will be totally different than the website of an eCommerce site. The reason is quite simple here since the audience of an eCommerce store is different and your aim is to sell your products.

  • You need to showcase your products the appropriate way - In an eCommerce site organizations need a web design that accordingly shows the products to the users. For example if you are selling goods the eCommerce store should display the appropriate description without seeming too ponderous.

  • Catching the Attention - Responsive design works excellent on various electronic devices. Users today can access your site not only from PC’s and laptops but including their smart phones and tablets. Hence you need a responsive design such that your website is displayed perfectly on each of these devices and in addition benefit your customers an appealing user experience.

  • How good is it? Using diverse features on our website will make your visitors return more and shop more to achieve this you can use different modules for example you are using a WordPress site you can incorporate animations and contact forms to connect to budding customers. We should always not forget that web pages should not look too bulky yet give the right information and message to the visitors.
Website development can often be a complicated process and you might need the assistance of the right technologists and experts to achieve your goals. Whether be it customizing the site or knowing the information and planning to open an eCommerce store you exactly know what you need to correct.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cloud Storage - Is It Really Advantageous?

The likeness of a cloud to describe this new ingenious form of computing fairly depicts the very definition of this new technology. Those times are gone when storage had necessarily to be on physical hard drives located within the periphery of your CPU. The age of mobile computing depends entirely upon us and whether we like it or not the concept is changing the very essence of what digital media and storage is defined and how it will be in the coming future.

In the new enhanced arrangement we are physically detached from our data and information which actually makes it more free and itinerant. It seems that the completion of producing ever insignificant storage technology is no longer the defining feature of the current IT industry. It's all about the cloud from currently. You can store all your data on storage devices across the far stretches of the globe and easily access it from your smart devices, tablets, desktop computers, work stations and thousands of other digital platforms. 

Now the query which one really would ask is how security is implemented on this cloud storage. This actually is from the concept that mere separation of your data from your computers and other IT devices really does signify that all this would no longer exist under the physical control, hence the probable danger. The idea that users most intimate messages, pictures ,emails, videos, bank account details and other secure information which is saved on remote computers beyond the physical reach may really scare some users. 

The other question that rises in our mind is will the users be able to ever retrieve their data if the internet is no longer accessible? What about the physical security of this new strategy of computing? Can they be trusted and hold good for valuable governmental and corporate data? Is this information not prone to hackers? 

What if some hacks into an entire cloud storage system and steals all data and information?
Such questions definitely carve a dismay outlook towards technology in general. Pessimists will definitely argue that the in this current era when computers is take over our lives. They may be right up to an extent, but nevertheless there are a few basic steps which can prevent the tendency that your data will be under precarious possession.

First of all we should always make quite certain that we use a deemed cloud platform to save your information. In Addition, investment in a security and anti-virus on all platforms from which you access your data is quite fundamental. This will block off any threats which you may encounter from hackers. We should also make sure that the host server uses best encryption software on cloud storage as it is the only assurance that hackers won't be able to steal your information. It is only fruitful that you use a merge of these methods that cloud storage can really be of use to it. It is quite certain there will always be a level of risk correlated with this particular model of computing which needs to be accepted.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Smart devices have reformed the way people interact and communicate

Smart devices have reformed the way people network and connect. There is an infinite variety of Applications currently for regulating almost every aspect of life. The direction currently is to create applications for internal users as well as customers. There is a rush over businesses to engage, hold and facilitate all type of customers through mobile Apps delivered through various platforms.
However this task is not as simple as it sounds. Developers have to face multiple challenges today. As there are numerous technologies, distributed networks and environments which are a quite a mix of old as well as new, the job becomes appalling for the developers. As the programmers need to redesign Apps for a growing number of smartphones as well, often IT firms and programmers fall into some common situations while making the Apps which must be avoided at all costs.

Below are the points to be contemplated during designing an App:
  1. User experience - A tablet or smartphone is necessarily different from a desktop computer. As the screen size is quite shorter and processing speed limited, just replicating the user interface as it is from desktop to smart phone will not be a good idea for any App. The application needs to be re-designed and studied specifically for the handheld devices. There are also certain features like GPS, touch-screen, handheld camera, etc. that a mobile App developer can take advantage on while conceptualizing the App.

  2. Create a real value add for the customer/user - A mobile App makes it quite easy for any brand to reach its maximum potential or existing users all the time. It will also allow for distinct communication between the brand and its customers.  Consider if we try to create an App that is definite and acts as a solution to the challenges that customers may be facing this App with notable benefits and features will find more customers and will add much value to deliver.

  3. Integrate with other useful Apps - There are a lot of effective applications like traffic updates, social media feeds, mapping available today. Businesses should try to merge their apps with these existing Apps more suitable and engaging to the customers. A rich application with benefits like coupons, games, and media can quite enhance the user experience as a whole.

  4. Focus on each platform - A lot of app programmers try taking the easy way out by designing the same App for different platforms assuming no distinction is required. This advent does not work just by mere extending the same interface and design to different platforms which will definitely curb the user experience. For an excellent experience it is necessary that different platforms are given the attention to detail while designing.
Mobile App development is quite flexible in nature. While developing an App it is always a good practice to get endless feedback from the market users and do positive iterations to meet the customer needs well once the application is launched.