Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Android vs. iPhone: The Competition Is Tough!

The iPhone: The Solitary and Only
When users talk about features of the iPhone, they are citing to the iOS mobile platform. The rate of the software is great across the board and there has always been one iPhone even though we have several versions every year. One can just choose the storage that it boasts whether 16 GB, 32GB or 64 GB.

The Various Looks of Android
Android is Google's mobile operating system and countless smartphones run on this platform. Android users refer to their smartphones as a "Droid" even though the carriers vary from one another. Android phones are available in all shapes and sizes.

The App Store vs. the Android Market
At the moment this is the most important part that constitutes both platforms: apps. Apps are considered as the principal reason why people opt for smartphones these days. Apple's App Store include a huge register of downloadable games, tools and is the biggest market of apps in the world closely followed by Android. Apple is relatively firm in its choice of apps in the market and takes significant judgment of the apps that pass through its scanner. The App Store though is the sovereign here.

On the other hand, Android highlights on "openness" and does not have a stringent app approval process for its own app market. This is the key reason why malware cannot be fixed, but Android followers are happy about the advance.

The iPhone OS has been in the market for long time now and for this reason boasts of good quality apps and more apps compared to Android market. However there are new apps being developed in mutually platforms and hence both iOS and Android have their own share of hits and misses.

iPhone vs. Android
An exclusive advantage with Android is its seamless integration with Google and its services. Everyone can profit from Android's superior native Gmail app. Google Maps feature in Android include GPS Navigation, GPS navigation app for the car. On the whole, Android is a flexible OS which helps you to nip some phone features if it bugs you. All plain settings can be controlled too. There are slick design and theme apps which can easily modify the look and feel of the smartphone.

But there is a vast issue of "fragmentation" with Android since there are multiple versions of Android available. The most recent version of Android is 4.0 or Ice cream Sandwich but there are many new devices which are still running an old version of the OS. Additionally, phone manufacturers come up with their individual "skins" which rests on top of the Android platform. These "skins" have their exclusive look and own apps that cannot run on any other phone of any other manufacturer. Only the Galaxy Nexus offers a vanilla Android experience and are always primary updated before any other smartphone.

Now talking about the iPhone advantage, Apple has always been competent to offer the best possible experience for its customers and hence flawless experience is guaranteed on all levels. With its latest Retina display technology, iPhone has the finest pixel-rich display in a phone and presents a superb UI for web browsing and multimedia. Apple's FaceTime app makes video chatting seamless between Apple devices. The iPhone is a smaller amount customizable which might be a huge turn-off for some users. Also there are problems with its support for 4G capability. This is a huge minus in terms of speed when Android 4G phones are around.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Java Application Development: How Beneficial Is It?

Currently, Java is one of the top emergent technologies it is a uncomplicated, object-oriented and tough language which provides useful solution to many users. Since It is an open source application hence users doesn't have to pay anything on the licensing part and can use it with utmost flexibility. Java helps in creating special kinds of dynamic web applications to give tailor made solutions to the users. It is a favored technology which offers the user with compatibility and light weighted apps

The largest part of primary java web application is available in mostly on all the mobile devices, personal digital assistance (PDAs), printers, computers etc. making its system almost a requirement and with growing need of enhancement on a daily basis makes development of java applications all across the globe to look for developing application growth which offers to bring the latest and simple to use java or J2ME applications.

Java Application brings in the following benefits:

• User-friendliness: Most of the applications are short and user-friendly; hence they are time-honored widely over the world.

• Portability: These applications are very much portable and can be easily transferred from one device to another with effortlessness.

• Systematic platform: All these applications are placed on network and provide a systematic approach to create apps.

• Brand: All the major mobile brands comprising Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola has operating system which is supporting the Java platform which makes it much more popular among the software users.

• Network based open source: Users do not have to obtain licenses every time as it belongs to open source category which provides a mixture of benefits with the plug-ins and much more.

• Multilingual Maintenance: This software is backed with multilingual and can be worked with unlike languages. The users from different locations can easily read and connect with the data and thus the device is so popular in all the key places.

There are a great deal of more benefits which is provided with the Java applications as it supports web and any other operating system with more security. Java application development consists of small features and libraries to carry different functions of Java application development and remove all the errors in the project. Java application development is quite easier and simpler if you compare to diverse software application development.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Looking At Web Development From A Different Viewpoint

Web development has evolved swiftly over the current years and is ongoing to do so. There are some trends, which are mainly seen in prominence today.

A website represents the visage of a company, and the way it is presented, would decide its scope of impact on the online target group. A website not only requires the easy approach possible and effortless navigation, but also requires to be appealing enough to attract the audience.

The designer and developers take on in the services is the related people who need to be responsive towards all the enduring changes faced by the industry. Be it a PHP programmer or ASP.NET developer, they should be well conscious of the challenges and work accordingly to produce flawless websites, keeping in regard the user perspective.

There are a few things that need to be kept into consideration to create faultless, user- friendly and eye-catching front-end pages of a website.

Responsive web design
In the near-term we have observed gradual changes in every aspect of our lives. Mobile, being the most important thing in our lives now, the whole lot should be viewed from the approach of the mobile users. If there is something absent in your marketing strategy and result, then this is it. No mobile strategy means lost sales.

The users should be capable to access social media sites and Web Pages related from even having the option to shop through small screen devices like iPads, tablets, and smart phone. This design enables a picture perfect user interface and serves as an interactive platform, which gives the prospect for the mobile users to browse and make a buy even from their respective devices. Responsive deign would enable the same view to a particular site, precisely the way the page is when viewed through the computer.

CSS to create stunning Web Pages
Usually used to format the website and even define the overall look of the websites, Cascading Style Sheets is an significant part of the web development. With its new array of features being launched, which are competent of creating more magically beautiful websites, CSS3 is mainly required for adding together transparency.

Just to give a newer advance to the existing site, transparency might help to simply re- decorate the website and alter it into a new one. Change the opacity or transparency of the website to modify the overall look. This version of CSS also allows edits in any required part of the website.

Fixed header
The style of fixed header bars has been in fad for quite some time now. Not only does it offers a new appearance in addition also assures enhanced user navigation and prevents the visitor from getting lost. If the header bar is fixed on top, the users are open to endeavor around and go through all the product pages with ease and they would not fear of losing a track. 

Social Media
Social media is an inevitable trend, which has taken the internet by storm for the most recent few years.

Sharing buttons in the social media sites are very imperative and should to be inserted as buttons, clicking which can take them directly to a different level. Not only are you hopeful the site visitors to visit your website, but also share them among their circles even.