Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Advantages - Windows Application Development

The operating system developed by Microsoft is gaining popularity in mobile devices too. The cause for this is the similarity to the PC's people use on a daily basis. It is not as distant as Apple products. The phone comes ready with MS Office. IE is the default browser and the phone has Windows Media Player. Another thing to note is the number one benefit of Windows phone development is user familiarity making tasks simple and convenient.

Customized software is big for a business. This establishes that every section will have all of the same information needed to complete tasks. Installing this on your mobile device makes the whole thing more readily available with no error or the risk of being absent, in the example of a hard copy of information. This insures the information is secure, as well. A password also can be put on the phone for security purposes. Then the program itself can have a password to access the content. It is secure and convenient, what else do you need?

Productivity will boost. The rationale for this is because many Windows apps are made with shortcuts for day to day tasks. For example a copy and paste, or bookmarks of web pages, is as easy as the click of a button. This will avert time spent searching through a history of pages or making certain you didn't copy over the data you need to transfer.

In retail or eCommerce firms, the Windows software can surely increase sales. These apps can manage the customer's preferences to build a relationship with customers. Samples can include reaching like their birthday reminder, or analyzing their purchase so they are the first to know of special sales offers on something they buy often. Analyst can run customized reports from the database information with the specifics from purchases in a span of time. Another great basis is to run a report is to see what customer services issues are originating within the firm to fix the issue promptly.

The software developed by a third-party can also be implemented into Windows Mobile, not like other operating system. This kind of software can be had from Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Windows operating system is ranked 5th position with the other, much more popular, operating systems. They do show signs of expansion as the other operating systems get more restrictions and confusing to users.

Windows applications have several benefits that help make your work or personal computing activities more convenient. Windows software is well-known to most people. It has both reliability and security. The ROI can be noteworthy Upgrading from old to new versions is swift and easy.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Microsoft Dot Net Development – The Advantages

In plain language, by Dot Net development we mean the development of unlike kinds of web applications by using the Dot Net architecture that is released by the software major Microsoft. In the current time, you will witness a number of websites that have gained highly supple looks with the Microsoft Dot Net development. Now more and more clientele prefer this web technology to design their websites. Now you must be surprised for the fact how Microsoft would facilitate you in designing extremely fashionable and flexible websites, so here we are going to discuss about how you will be benefited with this web technology and why you should regard as it as an integral part of your website designing. 

The primary advantages of using Dot Net technologies are as follows:

·     Dot Net is one of the web technologies that provides a highly scalable, dependable and reliable environment for building an extensive range of web applications. This platform offers a perfect blend of traditional Microsoft technologies and a number of web services

·     There are a number of distinct advantages connected with the Microsoft technologies

·     This platform saves time and costs related with the conserving and developing processes of the business applications

·     Through this platform you will find it effortless to develop database driven applications and websites, the reason because this platform ensures different types of programs to switch over data through a common set of exchange formats. It will smooth the progress to read and write the same formats and to make use of the same protocols

·     Software interoperability is another advantage that you will get from this platform

·     The Dot Net platform offers memory leak and crash protection facility. The platform by design recovers from the memory leaks to make sure that websites are always available to your visitors

Why prefer an offshore outsourcing partner?
Well, this is a very common question asked by most of the large MNCs. The primary reason for which you should avail an offshore company for all your software development needs is exceptional quality work at affordable rate.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Utilizing PhoneGap for Mobile Cross Platform Development

PhoneGap is being ranked number one of the developer's choice to develop cross platform compatible apps.With the major mobile operating systems ubiquitous in the mobile industry, it is quite apparent that no mobile platform has a common native development tool. And it is this situation that has probed the development of this cross platform mobile framework.

So what sets distant this framework from the many others?
The PhoneGap has incorporated web technologies and native development with a cross platform approach with the web being the only part that is portable. With the framework it is achievable to provide different architectures for different platforms and to let the app use the features of GPS, Camera, Contacts, media access, Accelerometer and data storage mechanism this feature of the current framework works perfectly.

Overview of PhoneGap:
PhoneGap is a platform which supports in building mobile applications using the obtainable web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. This framework was originally developed by companies like IBM, RIM, and Microsoft. It is now an open source technology and is freely available under the Apache license 2.0.

PhoneGap application flow:
A smartphone handles many functions when it is in the active mode. Some of these tasks have an advanced priority than others and are managed by the operating system. The method calls the application with a superior priority into the foreground and sends the lower priority application into the background.

For example, when the mobile user has an incoming call, no matter which application is working in the foreground, the operating system fetches the call dialer application to the foreground. This is an interrupt to running applications which should be handled properly. If the application doesn't bear these interruptions then there is a threat of losing the application state and data related to it. The lifecycle provides a set of methods to handle these scenarios.

Advantages of PhoneGap:
  • The PhoneGap applications use web technology and knowledge. This empowers the web developer to create mobile applications utilizing JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS for UI/UX development
  • Hybrid applications can be designed and developed using native functionalities and rich UI using web technologies
  • Aid Cross platform application development
  • Extensive reusability of programming code
  • Applications like Accelerometer, Camera, Media, Compass, Contacts, Files, Geolocation, Network, Notification and Storage functionalities are supported
  • Mobile native element integration with web is made possible by using a plug-in
  • Depending on the app requirement; the plug-in can be developed and used in the PhoneGap
  • The PhoneGap community is participating dynamically in plug-in development
  • Deployment framework for numerous platforms
  • Cloud based facility creation facility for multiple platforms
  • Tools can be utilized which are contributed by the community and also receive help from PhoneGap forums/community for any of the queries
Open source frameworks are measured to be successful only when the open source community for the same contributes continuously. When it comes to PhoneGap framework, the community support is very optimistic. This helps developers and architects to influence this technology for their cross platform requirements.