Thursday, 19 June 2014

Advantages and Defects of Open Source Web Development

With the expeditious change in technology, updated versions of digital devices and associated applications are introduced in the market day by day. The users seek to be updated with the latest technology and use it effectively. Open source development plays a pivotal role in the field of software development. In the open source approach, developers prepare a code system which can be accessed and utilized by any programmer free of cost. Some of them are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and Magneto. Especially all programmers and coders who are quite fresher to the software field refer these to enhance their websites. This program can be also customized according to the requirements of the users.

There are many advantages related to the open source web development and there are also some disadvantages.

Some of the Advantages are listed -
  • Open source development is very inexpensive comparatively to others. For any business cost is an important factor as open source is economical it is preferred over other methods.

  • Open source web requires lower time to develop it can also be successfully utilized to promote your website and business. There is no need about paying expensive license fee. Overall, it saves both time as well as money for users and developers.

  • It is treated as one among the excellent and efficient website solution providers.

  • The programs offer a multiple options for the user.

  • Unlike other developments, this method is uncomplicated to learn and deploy.

  • Open source offers a safe and secure program. Challenges such as internet and content upload will not alter the functioning of the system. This is the major reason why many companies prefer this approach of development.

All good things come with some disadvantages in the same way there come some constraints in the open source development. Here are some defects of the technology -
  • Precaution is needed while using any open source code this is because many of the provided codes are sometime in the initial stage and programmers developing code do not modify this periodically.

  • Quite often, open source is available in the internet or on web are with many bugs.

There are sometimes situations that the developers ask for extra cost in the name of critical implementations however open source development is a cost effective mode.

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