Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Benefits of Selecting Android for Mobile Applications Development

Android has indeed become a requisite for most of the smartphone users currently since majority of them mostly use them as daily necessity. The Android apps are not considered as luxury anymore instead its popularity has reached every section of the users. The versions have also increased its popularity and boosted its credibility. Android App Development is beneficial for developing mobile applications for the platform. Out of the current mobile platforms, Android stands quite prominent.

Android is much uncomplicated to implement thanks to its open source nature. The Software Development Kit assists the programmers to start developing, working on applications imperatively and the app can be implemented much faster. Android is Google’s own product and thus presented by the Open Handset Alliance group.

The platform consists of the operating system (OS), main applications, middleware and the development kit which is comparatively quite easy to utilize. The SDK expedites developers with strong APIs and tools, which is requirement for the development of creative apps. These apps are then freely distributed in the Play Store over the Internet.

Some of the major advantages of using android OS are:
  • Android  utilizes the Linux OS, which exposes it easier access to a rich development environment  in addition with multiple core functionalities of mobile devices
  • The platform also allows for faster information gathering with access to accurate data
  • The development cycle time is drastically lower due to ease of use and skill-set required
  • Development tools are handy and all conflicts can be resolved through helpful forums over the web from expert guidance from developers and professionals
  • Android devices are many and hence the possibilities to develop apps are endless with each version and device
  • Since Android is open source, many device manufacturers prefer to use the platform with extra features to promote their offering

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