Thursday, 26 June 2014

Web Design and the Viewpoint From Your Customers

When was the last time that you considered seriously your website design? Why do you have the current one? Is it because you just have to? Is it just to showcase your services or are you trying to boost leads to your business? The fact remains that "just having" a website for the sake of having is a very flat business decision. Recent survey has shown that larger percentage of users will not buy from a poorly designed website and rest of the users said that poor mobile design hurt the perception of a brand so overall your website says it all about your company.

It's time to understand that your website is a virtual storefront, and in most cases it is the first impact your company has a chance to leave on a prospective client. It does not really matter be it a realtor, a carwash a plumber or a restaurant, your website is talking upfront to customers. Many market experts believe that you need to update your website design once in 3 years at the same time keep your site looking fresh above your competitors. 

What some web masters feel is that you don’t need a new website every three years; however they do believe that every five years a company should take a serious look to freshen up or get a new website. At a minimum, the company should update their site's pages, content and pictures on a fairly regular basis.

Let's put aside the requirement for SEO and web traffic right now. Whether you like it or not, your website is talking to prospective customers. It leaves at once an impression about what type of organization you are. If your website is old and unkempt looking, users will develop a notion that you might not care about your company or your customers. Your site can leave responses both negative and positive. A medium company can even establish itself bigger than they are and build instant credibility with a potential client. Simply put, an elegantly designed website will build instant credibility and will accelerate the buying decision of customers.

Tying in the Brand Identity
Designing your website is also the perfect opportunity to tie in your brand identity. Is your company corporate, fun, modern, expensive or affordable? Your web design is actively conveying many of these traits to potential customers. The question next to be asked is why do so many firms have a template design or something that looks so awful? If you want your business to be taken seriously by customer it is time to take your website and the customer experience seriously.

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