Friday, 18 July 2014

SEO Mistakes To Keep Away From

It's general for online business owners to focus on the right SEO strategies and disregard some of the mistakes that they may be making. If you are of the online businesses listed are some of the mistakes that you should shun.

Ignoring Social media
Recent surveys have indicated that social media plays an immense role in SEO as a result you should never overlook the power of social media. Some of the main powerful social media tools that you should take benefit are: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and Pinterest.
These tools make it uncomplicated for the content on your website to be shared and consequently boost the ranking of your site. Here you need to make certain that the social sharing widgets are placed strategically in the exact position where visitors will view them and capable to share your content easily.

Averting mobile optimization
It's no wonder that many users are using their mobile phones to browse the internet. This also indicates that if your site is mobile friendly, you will have more number of visitors. Google and other search engines have been programmed to rank mobile friendly sites higher than non-mobile friendly sites.
One of the utmost ways of optimizing your site for mobile is by simplifying all of the components on the site. You need to evaluate out the key pieces of information that your visitors might be looking for and comprise only that information. You also need to make sure that the store locator is well organized and effortless to navigate.

Utilizing dull anchor texts
Since time in memorial, anchor texts have been very powerful SEO tools; for that reason you should be very vigilant when using them. As a basic rule you should avoid anchor texts that have no importance to your site; you should focus on creating optimized anchor texts.
Here you need to add your target keyword in the text. You can also use a link of your business website as the anchor text.

Ignoring the small things
There are many small things such as metatags, micro-formats, and XML sitemaps that still have firm influence on SEO. You should take them into consideration and make certain that you are using them properly.
There are other tools such as Google Webmaster Tools that can aid you in determining whether you are using the above tools appropriately.
These are some of the SEO mistakes that you should keep away from. If you can't adjust them by yourself, you should hire an external professional to help you out.

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