Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Utilize Social Media To Boost Your Website's Viewership

Being an online marketer and undertaking new strategies to make money online can be a quite a tricky situation. The end result is steady flow of loyal readers on top of that and you've got yourself an even harder hindrance to tackle. Gaining loyal and steady readers is a complicated task, yet there is a simple way to fix this issue that is the use of social media.

If you're looking for an enormously effective way to add readers to your website on top of your search engine optimization efforts, social media is the means to go. In the beginning social media has seen an incredible boom. We all know that Facebook was launched less than many years ago and already has close to 2 billion users is mind boggling. A few years ago no one had a clue what a "tweet" or "like" was. Now they are the hub of some people’s lives and just imagine where it will be in the coming years. What better way to confine readers than to use those stats to your advantage. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind when using social media to enhance traffic to your work:

1.) Give users reasons to follow you
If you feel like you’re in a rut, give your followers somewhat fresh, something new. Not anything is not as good as than drawing in readers with interesting status updates, then completely dropping the ball and not remembers to post for a month. By that time all your new followers are most likely gone. So stay on top of your social media, don't forget to post and when you do, give your followers reasons to tag along you. Readers enjoy new, interesting content. Not stories that they had already read on other websites.

2.) Begin Conversations
Encourage your readers to leave comments and actually respond to them! You don't want your readers to think your account is simply a robot, but instead a real person with real emotions that has actual conversations with readers. By doing this you will build steady relationships with your readers and they will be more likely to share your posts via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. The importance of responding to comments is always overlooked. Thank your readers for visiting and answer any and all questions they may have.

3.) Don't be afraid to try new platforms
When I first started my social media efforts I stuck to the two biggest ones, Facebook and Twitter. Now trust me, I had unbelievable success using those two than before I did. However, once I began using other platforms such as Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram, I realized that I was receiving more traffic than ever. Bear in mind though that you should never sway away from Facebook and Twitter as those are by far the most popular, but utilizing others as a supplement to those existing is a great plan. Just be accepting to new programs that are constantly coming out and always keep your eyes open.

4.) Stay on peak of current trends
Adding on to the last tip, make sure that you consistently put in an avid effort to stay on top of the latest trends in social media. You don't want to find your marketing plan come to an end at Facebook and Twitter while another new platform is intensifying and is the newest craze. Instead, be open-minded and be creative with your efforts, however, make certain that you always have your reader's best concern in mind and aren't just trying to flood your website with the wrong type of visitors. Traffic is fine, but targeted traffic is even superior.

5.) Understand your audience
By understanding your audience, your status updates will accomplish more users in a more effective manner. Make posts that your followers will want to read or else you will just find yourself losing readers and losing readers fast. Nothing is worse than a person who gets a bad impression when they see your blog. Primary impressions are good, but lasting impressions are even better.

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