Sunday, 28 September 2014

Looking At Web Development From A Different Viewpoint

Web development has evolved swiftly over the current years and is ongoing to do so. There are some trends, which are mainly seen in prominence today.

A website represents the visage of a company, and the way it is presented, would decide its scope of impact on the online target group. A website not only requires the easy approach possible and effortless navigation, but also requires to be appealing enough to attract the audience.

The designer and developers take on in the services is the related people who need to be responsive towards all the enduring changes faced by the industry. Be it a PHP programmer or ASP.NET developer, they should be well conscious of the challenges and work accordingly to produce flawless websites, keeping in regard the user perspective.

There are a few things that need to be kept into consideration to create faultless, user- friendly and eye-catching front-end pages of a website.

Responsive web design
In the near-term we have observed gradual changes in every aspect of our lives. Mobile, being the most important thing in our lives now, the whole lot should be viewed from the approach of the mobile users. If there is something absent in your marketing strategy and result, then this is it. No mobile strategy means lost sales.

The users should be capable to access social media sites and Web Pages related from even having the option to shop through small screen devices like iPads, tablets, and smart phone. This design enables a picture perfect user interface and serves as an interactive platform, which gives the prospect for the mobile users to browse and make a buy even from their respective devices. Responsive deign would enable the same view to a particular site, precisely the way the page is when viewed through the computer.

CSS to create stunning Web Pages
Usually used to format the website and even define the overall look of the websites, Cascading Style Sheets is an significant part of the web development. With its new array of features being launched, which are competent of creating more magically beautiful websites, CSS3 is mainly required for adding together transparency.

Just to give a newer advance to the existing site, transparency might help to simply re- decorate the website and alter it into a new one. Change the opacity or transparency of the website to modify the overall look. This version of CSS also allows edits in any required part of the website.

Fixed header
The style of fixed header bars has been in fad for quite some time now. Not only does it offers a new appearance in addition also assures enhanced user navigation and prevents the visitor from getting lost. If the header bar is fixed on top, the users are open to endeavor around and go through all the product pages with ease and they would not fear of losing a track. 

Social Media
Social media is an inevitable trend, which has taken the internet by storm for the most recent few years.

Sharing buttons in the social media sites are very imperative and should to be inserted as buttons, clicking which can take them directly to a different level. Not only are you hopeful the site visitors to visit your website, but also share them among their circles even.

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