Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Planning Your Social Marketing Activities

If you are into online marketing in any way, then you already know the significance of social marketing. Fundamentally, people who are not using the social marketing sites are receiving left out by their competitors. They are getting behind at an accelerating rate. Nevertheless how the search engine rankings are already start to ignore those who have no social presence online. To a certain extent honestly, those who are not participating might as well not be playing.

With that said and well-known the next hurdle that must be overcome is how to manage all your required social marketing activities. Quite simply, you must be structured and you will go in circles and not achieve anything. Let's face it; there are lots of social sites out there. As a minimum, you should be using what I call the "triad". The triad comprises of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

To make your social marketing effective, you must be dynamically participating in all your social accounts. You can either do this yourself or you can hire someone. In this article we are presumptuous that you have decided to do the SEM yourself and address that. In each on your accounts, you have three basic functions which are share, grow, and respond. The thought is to do these things daily which you should be able to do in an hour or less.

When you divide you are posting new information on your accounts and sharing that with your friends, groups, and followers. Remember that this doesn't have to be exclusive information as you can share links that you have found which are cool or helpful to your community.

 The best solution is that you share a piece of exclusive information and a neat post or link with your group every day. We recommend that you interact once at mid-morning and one in late afternoon or evening. Obviously it would be hard to do this with YouTube. Depending on your capability to make videos, I would have a goal of putting up a new video every week or so. Some of us may have to pay someone to get videos made. This would impede your activity on YouTube, but you need to be on there as much as possible.

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