Monday, 27 October 2014

Android Vs iOS - Who Is The Ultimate Winner? Let's Find It Out

With the smartphones market just budding these days mobile operating systems have seen a lot of innovation in terms of looks performance, utilities, adoption and reliability. Since the commencement of this battle between Mobile System developers which is bound to face challenges in staying at the forefront of competitors. The two chief competitors of this mobile operating system market are at present Android and iOS.

Let's look at the action plan that they have opted to stay ahead of each other.

It will take a definite period to point momentous differences in the user interfaces of the both operating systems nevertheless to a regular user; Apple's iOS UI looks much more affluent as compared to Android because of its mutability and flexibility in switching graphics. Although both the systems offer comparable resolutions video display yet we have to say this battle is won by iOS.

Android is an open source product whereas iOS is not, hence in android any one can build Android applications and even sell it without documentation from Google which gives the audience a vast area to explore and because of this factor market share of Android has seen an enhanced growth in comparison with iOS. In case of iOS, if you are developing an iOS app then one has to first endorse that with Apple which makes it less popular when compared to Android which makes Android win this battle by great margin.

Touch Screen
Since the majority of the mobile phones released today are fully touch enabled hence mobile user seeks improved response from the touch screen. Mobile users desire for additional responsive touch experience and which even has an attachment for misplaced touch. This feature is firm to master but Apple has found a technique which provides both of these features to greater accuracy when compared Android mobile phones, hence it gives iOS users a great thoughtfulness with their iOS product and make them obsessive to iOS, which is a feature that Apple has won the battle.

Performance and Battery
Since different Android mobile systems may provide unusual performance and battery backups, we will compare the standards of Android vs. iOS battery backup. Even though both these systems suggest applications in which user can decide whether to go with high performance or higher battery backup, iOS battery backup is by far much superior as compared to Android average battery backup and also when we look at the presentation of Android phones its much slower as compared to Apple's iOS changeability and switching speeds, so this combat also goes to iOS.

Hardware Mechanism
When we come to this segment it becomes really hard to judge who actually wins this battle.

Camera Quality
Android offers simply the most excellent camera quality and features which comprises editing videos and photos with the help of open source applications dynamically and there are a lot of stuff that you can do with your photos and videos.

Sound Utilities and Plugins
By first notion on this feature you would say Apple is the one and you are right. When you look at iTunes, it offers the premium music libraries all over the world which enables you to share your music among different Apple products with just a touch of a button. The sound hardware of iOS is perfect in its Treble and Base which makes it invincible in this segment.

We eventually conclude that although android has the better market share in terms of applications still iOS looks trustworthy when it comes to sales.

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