Monday, 17 November 2014

8 Approaches to Get More of Your Emails Opened

Most recently everyone's inbox is flooded with emails and it's tougher and tougher to get observed, much less get opened. I've been doing my own testing of what really works and what does not and thought you might like to see the results.

1. Amend your "sender" or "from" field. Utilizing a business name does not seem to work as well as using a personal name, probably because users want to read messages from users, not from businesses. However, connecting the business name with the personal name seems to work fine, especially if the business name is either well familiar or implies a benefit. For example, "Jaden Smith, ProBlogger" would likely work well, as would "Jane Smith, Heath Tips."

2. Auxiliary optimizes your "sender" field. I've tested with using symbols before and after my name in the 'from' field to make my emails stand out, and it does seem to make a minute difference. For example, ~Jaden Smith~ tends to be opened more often than Jaden Smith.

3. Utilize an immense subject line. Complete products have been written on this topic alone, but here are some tips:
  • Utilize a numeral: " 4 Ways to acquire Bigger Muscles in 5 Days"
  • Utilize curiosity: "The Stir-Fried Banana method to Younger Skin"
  • Inscribe as if you're marking a friend: "Hey!" "What do you think?" "Okay?" "I told you he's crackers" "Last Saturday" "See You Wed" "Got it?"
  • Affirm a big benefit: "Look 5 Years Younger and Feel 10 Years Smarter"
4. Illustrate the subject line. Everything else being the same, personalizing the subject line can boost your click through rate. Just don't overdo it.

5. Shun spam words. You know the ones: money, payment, currency, credit, quote, etc. These words will land you in the spam folder, and you're not probable to get many opens there.

6. Optimize the sample text. Bear in mind, the sender can often see the first line or two of text, so make it motivating, relevant, and rather curiosity provoking.

7. Make it a tradition to be entertaining. The more amusing and interesting your emails are, the more likely your recipients will prolong to open them.

8. Send two times 8-12 hours after you send an email, send the email once more to those who didn't open your first email.

Last tip: Email often. Once a day is great. If you only send an email every once in awhile, recipients will not recall who you are. By being in the inbox daily, I've found they are more likely to identify you and open your emails.

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