Monday, 16 February 2015

Dissimilarity Between Desktop and Web Based Application

A web application is a software application that utilizes web server such as the internet so as to get delivered to the users. A program like this one is as well run on intranet, which obviously a lot of businesses employ of. The most important motive behind the success of the web application is the widespread usage of web browser as a client. A desktop application is a self-reliant application that is able to achieve a specific set of tasks and functions under a user's supervision and control. These applications do not require a network or any form of other connectivity in order to operate or function aptly and then run from a local drive. But this could be probable that they might make use of resources of a network that may be associated to it.

1. Accessibility- If on any device there is internet access then web applications could be without difficulty accessed. The group that gets the most benefit out of it is the users who are on constant mobility.

2. Maintenance and upgrades- It is necessary that desktop applications need to be installed individually on every computer whilst web-based application necessitates just a single installation. A set of web applications are hosted by another grouping and the up-gradation and maintenance are taken care of by application host. This could turn into a good thing as well as a bane since users of web apps on hosted systems have to depend upon the host; given that a user does not make use of the narrative features, the upgrade would yet go forward.

3. Security- Many risks are concerned when one is dealing with online work. Regardless of the guarantees a host might give yet the fact remains that security proportion remains when it comes to consecutively apps on the internet since it is more significant than running an application that is desktop-based.

4. Cost- Web apps are somewhat pricier. A lot of corporate web apps make use of subscription model where users need paying on a monthly basis. Desktop application framework are usually absolute with a rare recurring fee for the convention of the program

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