Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mobile Application Development - Confronts and Chances

With more than million smart phones and tablets sold around the globe, it is said that by the end of this year, there will be more mobile devices than users on this planet. There is no second thought to the fact that the whole globe is turning mobile; but at the same time, this also brings with it its own deposit of opportunities and challenges with regard to the ever rising need to develop mobile based software results.

The Confront
Mobile Application Development Companies are looking to satisfying needs of target audiences who merely demand positive user experiences. Whether they are reading-through their emails, capturing sport scores, weather forecasts or spending moments on social networking applications, the challenge is to offer a native look and feel that is almost identical to its browser based portal and presents the same experience in general.

The Opportunity
A main opportunity that mobile application development presents to developers is the effortless integration of voice, location tracking, video, messaging and data services in traditions that are simply not practicable on the desktops.

The User - Developer Relationship
1. Easy accessibility means that users no longer need to depend on multiple hardware devices to access the same applications. This becomes demanding for Mobile application Development firms who are expected to construct experiences that are supported by as many types of mobile devices and operating systems as possible.

2. It is critical for developers to create applications which work on negligible battery power and coverage, since this plays a crucial role in defining overall user experience.

3. Another major user demand that needs to be catered to is offering them the similar experience on much smaller and varying screen sizes. Developers are anticipated to reinvent conventional design rules and create dynamic applications that do not compromise on the user experience.

4. Users tend to get very excited over applications which leverage smart phone hardware such as motion detectors and cameras. Application patterns that are able to make superior use of these features are able to improve experiences to unimaginable extents.

5. It is almost a given that if your application is presenting voice and messaging services, there should be flawless integration of these tools through top-notch speech processing technologies.

6. An added feature in any application that is always a welcome one, is the simple localization of tools which further permit implementation of payment gateways, uploads etc.

Mobile application Development Company cannot ignore the revolution that has come about in software distribution channels which conservatively only revolved around sharing ring-tones and image files. It is now potential for developers to upload applications to mobile stores across operating systems, and even concentrate on creating high-end applications which may request to only a certain demographic. For example, users might assume that a user of a High-end iPhone 5S may have dissimilar demands out of the applications as against a user of an inexpensive Android based smart phone.

Firms should make sure to design an application distribution channel that make sure maximum reach and scalability in the long run to cater to as many users as possible for enhanced experiences.

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