Sunday, 31 August 2014

How To Select An Effective Test Automation Framework

To begin with, what is a test automation framework? This is a string of assumptions, tools and concepts that can offer support for the automated testing process. One of the preeminent things about this is that it can help a software development firm to save on the maintenance costs. This is for the reason that when there are changes in the test case in the code, there is no requirement to go about every other test case in the program. The only thing that should be customized is the test case in which the change occurred. This finally means that there is no want to edit the startup script and the driver script as well as the fact that there is no need to revise the scripts whenever a change has happened.

There are many types of test automation frameworks the most popular are the modularity driven testing, the keyword driven testing, hybrid testing, data driven testing and model based testing. Each one of these frameworks has their individual features and characteristics. If you desire to know which among these is right for your application, there is a need to calculate them one by one. So if we talk about test script modularity framework. This requires the tester to create small and free scripts. These would be the illustration of the modules, the functions and the procedures of the application that is currently being tested. This is the most  simplest framework that anyone can be aware of since this is a popular strategy in programming wherein you will have to build a concept layer in front of a particular component so that you can hide this from the application.

The next is model based, which is also akin to modularity but this divides the software into actions and functions rather than using scripts. There is a necessity e to make library files here which will be directly called from the test case script. This framework returns a supreme level of modularization and can boost the maintainability of the complete test suite. The third would be the keyword driven framework. This cites to the automation framework that is not reliant on the application. This will require the improvement of the keywords as well as data tables that are not reliant on the test automation tool that is being used at the present for the execution of the test script code.

Moving on, you will need to find out about the data driven testing framework where the test input and the output variables are interpreted from the data files collectively with the data pools, CVS files and.xls files. All these are loaded into the values that are found in the coded scripts which have been made manually. The final type of framework is the hybrid test. This is the most familiar and is the combination of all the methods. What this does is that it supports the strengths of all the frameworks and then lessens the weaknesses of each of them.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

iPhone App Development: A Profit Earning Strategy

The iPhone happens to be one of the major high-end devices that have created a buzz in the mobile market. The iPhone App Development has defined and changed the application designs and improved its purpose to an extensive limit. The development and design of these apps creates a perfect customer demand. While developing a perfect application for the iPhone, the developer needs to continuously oversee the customer needs. It's eventually these end users who build status for these. The iPhone trend has hit high principally because of the iOS, which offers higher levels of interaction and contribution by the users. The majority of these apps developed can be downloaded free of cost, which makes it even more popular. Since the Apple Inc. continually updates and enhances their iOS platform, the developers have an equal chance to augment their performance and standards.

The iPhone apps enclose a wide range- management system, infotainment, navigational, games, real time data processing, scheduling meetings, price checking, news, animated wallpapers, entertainment, etc. every single one of these can be effortlessly accessed from the App Store, most of it can be downloaded for free of cost, and the rest include a reasonable charge.

The accomplishment of an app lies in achieving the business objectives, the imperative performance indicators, and the related metrics. The principle of an iPhone App Development serves two main purposes- to give power to a brand and to improve revenue. When an application is built with the aim of growing a particular brand awareness and recognition, it is based upon the quantity of download, usage, and sharing a particular one. The accessibility of the app on a social network proves as an added advantage. Even with the brand improvement applications can be termed on the entertainment quotient as well as its significance. Revenue can be achieved directly or indirectly from the iPhone apps developed. Oblique revenue is obtained through various multi-channel merging. Direct income can be created by applications including ad creations or downloads. The indirect income is generated using purchase products or other services. The revenue earned from advertising is interrelated to brand-driven applications. The takings from downloads can be coupled with the price strategy methods. The download returns can be altered and enhanced with the help of appropriate pricing techniques. Even though these categories of apps are downloaded at a low rate, they provide the maximum results. With appropriate strategies, the iPhone apps developed can fetch high profits.

Quality Backlinks Can Increase Website Aptness

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links from other site used for boosting up your website recognition. These links are more like votes by search engines and so, if your site has a great number of authentic, quality backlinks then a elevated rank on SERPs is certain. However, a significant point to be noted here is that along with quantity, quality also matters incredibly. Accumulating not-so-relevant pack of such links for your site cannot obtain you good results. In addition, it is largely their quality that is brought into contemplation while evaluating the relevance of a website for a specific keyword. Principally for Google, the number such links is very important to gauge a site's relevancy.

Today, every individual concerned in the SEO industry or working for an SEO company is busy in making excellent use of quality backlinks as it ensures better possibilities of getting indexed by the search engines. Likewise, in the longer run, same sources help your website achieve good volume of quality traffic. Good quality of these links assures progress in your page ranking and in the ranking in the search engine results.

Quality is the first precedence
You may consider a backlink true and up-to-the-mark under two conditions; first, if it links back to your site with the identical keyword that you are optimizing for and secondly, if the website linking back to your own, follows the same topic as yours. Such an agreement ensures that your website has an inbound link from another site, which, in turn is having content related to your site. On the opposite, if you get links from sites that have no connection with your website content and theme, then your chances of receiving good ranks can get spoiled to a much larger extent. Therefore, simply remember that relevancy comes only quality.

In the current scenario, most of the search engines look for websites with high-quality, inbound links that have been generated over a fine period of time. However, it may be easy to get links on the webpage, aiming for higher ranks but to control search engines with inbound links from other sites is surely a complicated job.

Nowadays, for all such reasons only, backlinks play a very important role in most of the search engines' algorithms and ever since search engines assessment and calculation for their quality has become seriously tougher, all webmasters plan to take in many unprincipled techniques in their entire set of SEO services and trick search engines to avail higher ranking. However, this invites nothing but bigger problem and mess. Such tricks and techniques are totally illegal and their practice can help you get your site banned.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Benefits of Blackberry Apps Development

Applications make life easy for users and also offer a lot of benefits. Business men, teenagers, homemakers etc can utilize of these applications in the best promising way. They depend on these devices to make life easy for them and live a more organized life. Blackberry is one device that provides a number of useful applications to benefit users. Business men on the go have been utilizing the Blackberry applications to make business decisions while remaining on the go.

Application development on Blackberry offers the following advantages.

1. Blackberry application development provides a lot of flexibility and has emerged in the development of number of applications. Blackberry apps development is flexible in the sense that it can be built on a number of platforms such as JAVA, MDS, and J2ME. These applications have enhanced the productivity of its users.

2. Blackberry provides the benefits of running applications in the background. Blackberry applications have the capability to interweave with other platforms and applications.

3. Some of the applications in Blackberry offer access to on-device API's which enables world class integration with important Blackberry applications.

4. Blackberry makes it possible for its users to synchronize data on their devices with their desktops and also to enterprise applications like e-mail and IM.

5. Blackberry applications facilitate to connect easily with overall employees which in-turn improves their productivity and efficiency.

6. Blackberry applications give a probability to its users to optimize and integrate applications developed making use of Blackberry tools and also from other sources including Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, and JavaScript.

7. Blackberry apps development empowers the developer to use a good array of features such as rich graphics, advance processing and complete multi tasking.

8. The Blackberry platform amply provides support to advanced frameworks namely Dojo, JQuery, Sencha and Phone Gap. Adding full tooling support for native C/C++ development is also in the offing.

9. The PDA or Personal Digital Assistant in Blackberry provides  a number of applications including notes, to-do-list, address book and calendar.

10. Blackberry provides seamless wireless integration and internet browsing more effortlessly.

11. There are a set of features in Blackberry that make decision making an easy process while providing real time information. Blackberry has a lot of scope when it comes to secure messaging, content presentation, enterprise grade reliability and operational competence.

Above were some of the benefits when the development of Blackberry applications has not reached the acme. With time programmers have been developing astonishing applications that have made lives easier than ever for Blackberry users. Blackberry apps developers are in the progression of developing a range of sophisticated cloud based services including Application analytics, push services, advertising services, location-based services etc.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Basics of Java Mobile Development

Every time we purchase a smartphone, one of the first things we try to do is find which games and applications were included in the phone we bought. There is a definite level of excitement in discovering these micro applications. However if you're interested in software development, this enthusiasm level multiplies with the understanding that you can also build your own custom applications for these phones.

One of the most accepted programming languages for mobile development is Java. Specifically Java Micro Edition, JME, and Java ME make developing for small devices into a quick and somewhat simple process. First of all, nearly all the tools required for building these applications are open source. Although Java ME can also be used to construct applications for set top boxes and a lot of other small devices, this article focuses only on Smart Phone development.

First off, you should know the basics of Java development before even thinking of creating your own Java ME application. If we do a search in any search engine and you'll find thousands of articles on programming with Java or just go directly to Sun's website where you'll find dozens of starter courses.

If we assume that you're already a good developer and you just want to start writing your application as soon as possible. The secondary step requires you to go to Sun's Site Go to the JME section. You'll see a lot of acronyms thrown around. We focus only on 'CLDC' and 'MIDP'. These codes basically mean that we're focusing on smartphone development as opposed to other mobile devices. If we now look for a tool called Wireless Toolkit for CLDC and download it.

This tool is essentially the nucleus of JME development with this you can code, compile and test your software application. You can even see your code running on a phone emulator. This phone emulator displays a smartphone image with your application running on it. It’s extremely helpful, since you don't need to move your program over to your smartphone each time you desire to see your changes this is very useful when coding for devices with small screens. If you would like to pursue a tutorial from the sun site, We suggest you look for a tutorial called Wireless Development Tutorial Part I This small but extremely useful and fun tutorial will get you up and running in no time. It is exceptionally well written and easy to understand and follow.

One final thing to mention, Java development for Smartphones needs a utility called a Java Virtual Machine installed on the phone where you will install your application. Formerly, only high end smart phones came with this utility included. Luckily this is no longer the case and it is now installed on almost all smartphones. Most of the time there will be some type of 'Java compatible' warning on the smartphone box. If your smartphone is Java compatible, all you have to to do now is move the newly created Java ME application over to your phone and impress your friends with your master Java application.