Sunday, 31 August 2014

How To Select An Effective Test Automation Framework

To begin with, what is a test automation framework? This is a string of assumptions, tools and concepts that can offer support for the automated testing process. One of the preeminent things about this is that it can help a software development firm to save on the maintenance costs. This is for the reason that when there are changes in the test case in the code, there is no requirement to go about every other test case in the program. The only thing that should be customized is the test case in which the change occurred. This finally means that there is no want to edit the startup script and the driver script as well as the fact that there is no need to revise the scripts whenever a change has happened.

There are many types of test automation frameworks the most popular are the modularity driven testing, the keyword driven testing, hybrid testing, data driven testing and model based testing. Each one of these frameworks has their individual features and characteristics. If you desire to know which among these is right for your application, there is a need to calculate them one by one. So if we talk about test script modularity framework. This requires the tester to create small and free scripts. These would be the illustration of the modules, the functions and the procedures of the application that is currently being tested. This is the most  simplest framework that anyone can be aware of since this is a popular strategy in programming wherein you will have to build a concept layer in front of a particular component so that you can hide this from the application.

The next is model based, which is also akin to modularity but this divides the software into actions and functions rather than using scripts. There is a necessity e to make library files here which will be directly called from the test case script. This framework returns a supreme level of modularization and can boost the maintainability of the complete test suite. The third would be the keyword driven framework. This cites to the automation framework that is not reliant on the application. This will require the improvement of the keywords as well as data tables that are not reliant on the test automation tool that is being used at the present for the execution of the test script code.

Moving on, you will need to find out about the data driven testing framework where the test input and the output variables are interpreted from the data files collectively with the data pools, CVS files and.xls files. All these are loaded into the values that are found in the coded scripts which have been made manually. The final type of framework is the hybrid test. This is the most familiar and is the combination of all the methods. What this does is that it supports the strengths of all the frameworks and then lessens the weaknesses of each of them.

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