Thursday, 5 June 2014

8 Things You Must Keep In Mind Before You Develop A Website

Getting into the market to develop your business requires an online presence these days and to suffice that you need an elegant and engaging website. Designing a website is totally a new learning experience for some businesses. Finally it depends on you achieve this in a quick and decisive manner. According to market trends there are some popular learning strategies we need to focus while designing any website.

1. Gather basic information:
These are some basic queries which apply to every business which has online presence.
1. What is the reason of having the website?
2. How your business gets profited from the website?
3. Who are your target audience?
4. How often do your customers browse the web to avail your services?
6. Prepare rough outline of the website?

The above listed queries are to be examined during the design phase which can help you develop customized and beneficial websites.

Once you are done with this step, the next action is to look for excellent and creative web designers.

2. Hire a Creative Web Designer:
For any project to succeed it directly depends on the service provider same is the case in of websites. A quality web designer you allocate for the task should be endowed with a professional approach towards his work. This will address almost all your important requirements.
When you are still in the process of doing so you need to definitely ask for a client and portfolio testimonials. Review them thoroughly and you can verify if he has the proper experience with your business niche. If everything suits your fulfillment you can move to the next step of hiring and share details about your website project.

3. Web Hosting
You can always check with your designer if they in addition provide web hosting services. It will be beneficial if they also take care of web hosting services. All you need to do is pay him the additional price for web hosting service. If not, you need to take hosting service from popular hosting providers such as Blue host and Host Gator.

4. What graphics and content should your website display?
Occasionally business owner may get confused what type of content best conveys their intention on the website. Not to worry, effortlessly you can refer your competitor. They will also propose what content should be shown on the website. If your business idea is quite unique then you need to brainstorm with the experts in the web domain about the content which needs to be placed on the website.

5. SEO Friendly layout:
It is most essential factor to get success online. Your website structure should be designed keeping in mind the concepts of SEO friendliness. We should make sure your website designer should have the proficiency of latest SEO rules of Google.

Some of the points which need to be considered in designing an SEO friendly website.
1. The web site developed should be responsive on mobile and tablet devices
2. The web page should have the right combo of text, images and other media.
3. SEO friendly web page URLs
4. Reduced loading time

6. Integrate social media into the website:
Social media plug-in are the success factor in the web world. We need to make sure all social media channels should be incorporated into your website like as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If your business is associated with fashion, photography, media publications YouTube and P-interest would be required for your business.

7. Maintenance and support:
You need to ask your web designer clearly about after sales services. Usually a 60 day bug fixing support is covered without any charges. What does it include? If any of the functionality is not working properly, you can ask your designer to fix it. 

8. Reach your targeted audience:
A web site without the right traffic doesn't make any sense. You need to plan an effective marketing campaign within your niche. Develop plans with attractive offers and partnership offers.

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