Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Why opt Java over Dotnet For Your Web Development Projects?

With the elevation in technology, the web development world has got diverse programming languages with multiple features that are being utilized for developing different types of website and applications. Having said this for the last couple of years, Java and Dotnet have been the most preferred choice among the web development firms. Both these technologies have been adopted on a very immense scale. Both the languages are quite an excellent choice for any type of web development projects. Compared between these two, Java is considered to be more secure and rich in features. So let us learn what makes it the most preferred choice.

The tremendous advantage of using Java is that it is treated as the most secure language for web development. The interpreter, compiler and runtime environment of Java are developed keeping security into account. Unidentified codes downloaded by users and can be run in the safe environment of Java, without causing any harm to the computer system. It also restricts the host system from being infected by any virus. All these abilities make Java a unique and quite a reliable platform. Any other mainstream language cannot assure the security the way Java provides.

Another familiar advantage of Java is its 'Write once, Run anywhere' concept. This means Java can be developed on any given device, compiled into a standard byte code and can run successfully on any device equipped with a Java virtual machine (JVM). Any other technology cannot content with this feature of Java. This allows the programmers and developers to write the application code just once and then run it anywhere.

With Java web application development, the user can develop his website more interactive and rich in features. The user can easily utilize the Java scripts in order to add various types of features in the website. These features can include form validation, browser identification and advertisement management. JavaScript can be effortlessly used with other programming language to handle all the client side activities.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) enables creating efficient, faster and more interactive web apps with the help of XML, HTML, CSS and Java Script. AJAX allows a website to display its contents without the web page being refreshed multiple times. It also helps to transfer a vast amount of data from the server side to the client side in a much quicker way, by using XML.

Java has many other amazing features as well so eventually, it is apt to say that every programming language has its own set of pros and cons. However, when it is about Java or Dot Net, Java is more preferred especially by those developers who need security.

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