Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Distinction Between Software and Web Development

As website and software are two dissimilar concepts, their history is also unique in its own aspect and not quite related to each other. When the internet was created, after the first website was built it was announced that the internet would be completely open source or accessible free of cost. An appealing fact is that earlier, before the invention of HTML and HTTP protocols like Gopher Protocol and the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) were used to recover specific files from a server.

On the contrary, there is a long standing argument over the creation of the first software program. It is said that the first piece of software was programmed during the 19th century for the proposed analytical engine. Sorry to say, the program never got implemented. Again, there are solid records that the first software theory was proposed by Alan Turing in his famous essay. 

Many people take for granted that both websites and software are created on similar platforms. However, this is not right as their functions and utilities are completely different. A website is a consign you visit in your web browser while a software system is an application that is installed and used on a computer and is a unreal part of a computer.

A distinctive website is hosted on one or more computer servers. Its area is connected to the internet to run single or multiple webpages. A software package includes written programs and related documentation for operating different functions of a computer system. In most cases, these programs are stored in read or write memory. Fascinatingly, both these technical functions have turned into largest businesses of today. Numerous software development companies have sprung up in the recent past and their share in the present world economy is also rising meteorically.
Yet again, it is significant to mention here that the job of software developers is to create software programs that also run on servers, internet, browsers, etc. In other cases, it runs on computer systems and electronic devices. Nevertheless, the software developers need to learn much more about the fundamental operating system platforms. A advanced level of expertise in programs is expected from them in comparison the web developers. The goal of a software development company is to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to a range of businesses matching their relevant needs.

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