Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why Choose PHP Over Other Web Development Languages?

Developers can opt from many scripting languages while developing web applications. Some of the programming languages that developers or programmers utilize in common are CGI, Perl, ASP and PHP. Conversely, PHP has definite benefits the reason for which it has become the most accepted web development language. IT firms ranging from medium sized to big are using PHP for creating multiple types of web applications. One can realize the competence of the language from the fact that huge applications like Facebook utilize PHP. Web developers having knowledge and experience in PHP are in soaring demand in the current times.

Developers are choosing PHP over the other languages due to the subsequent reasons.

Easy To Learn And Uncomplicated
The language is quite easier to understand than many other programming languages. This is because the language has resemblance with languages like Java and C. Even if you know only HTML, learning PHP would be quite easy for you. The language is perfect for beginners since it is easy to understand and clear.

PHP offers a higher level of flexibility as compared to languages like ASP. NET in addition the language is open source software you can use any text editor to write the code. Some of the common text editors which you can utilize are Notepad, TeXShop, WordPad so on and so forth. Alternatively, while using ASP. NET, you have to utilize Microsoft Visual Studio for creating the code. PHP is also not OS specific and quite portable as it runs well on operating systems like Windows, UNIX and Linux OS.

The language creates dynamic websites which refresh automatically. If you use PHP for developing a website, you do not need to make any alterations or updates manually for refreshing it.

Web Integration
The language has created more than thirty percent of the applications present in the internet. The PHP language processor integrates with various systems like Pusher. Nearly every business is using the language including large corporations, government, hospitals and banks.

You can find a great number of PHP frameworks. These frameworks help you to take out a mixture of tasks using PHP. You can perform tasks like code reuse, session management and finding database libraries easily using PHP frameworks. A popular PHP framework is Slim.

In addition the support and documentation for PHP is quite easy. The support forums which aid the language are completely free. You can find many blogs and forums online to help you if you face any coding issues. You can also find support through social media among all scripting languages the user base of PHP is huge. This is one of the causes behind such a huge support community of the language.

Easy To Resolve Challenges
Web developers face programming challenges very often. In case of PHP, you can easily find the issues and fix them. In case of other languages it takes quite an effort to fix those problems.

Object Oriented Programming
The PHP language is competent of calling Windows and Java COM objects. You can also create custom classes which other classes can have access to from custom classes. This increases the effectiveness of the language.
These are the major benefits of PHP over other scripting languages. Above and beyond, the language is an open source and free. Applications developed using PHP are very rapid and have a high level of security. All these factors have made the language highly well-liked in the word of web development.

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