Sunday, 21 September 2014

PHP Is Redefining The Way Web-Based Development Is Working

While the start was apparently modest, PHP development currently has attained huge popularity. Indeed, it has evolved to such an extent that it forms the backbone of major websites that poise the online world. During its early development period, PHP initially lagged behind in a number of areas. Nevertheless, with a dedicated team of developers and the open source community in support now has emerged as the chosen programming language for all web-based developments. In fact, an increasing number of PHP programmers and developers are progressively more adopting the use of what is regarded in the programming as the Language of the World Wide Web.

Currently the development industry looks upon PHP as a consistent, secure and robust development language that is competent of catering to the requirements of websites that are huge as well as small with the list also including enterprise web requirements.

The mentioned below are the features which make this language so popular among PHP developers when it comes to website and web-based application development.

Utilization of data structures
The utilization of PHP arrays is exceptionally simple similar to the ordered hash tables. In order to build a data structure for a programming language, make it extremely flexible and as easy as possible, while not negotiating on its performance, PHP would be the definitive choice among the programming languages.

Specially designed for the Web
As pointed out earlier, majority of the online population and associated websites run on the PHP language. This extreme and rapid success of PHP the reason being that this language was designed especially for the web so as to assist all related development processes. There is no requirement for any extra bootstrap functionality in order to make PHP functional on the web.

Adequate documentation
It has been pragmatic on numerous occasions that when a new programming language is launched sometimes it fails to shape out a niche for itself. This is mainly down to a lack of documentation that users can execute based on their applications. PHP is definitely not a programming language which falls into this category as it has an ample documentation. The web is also full of resources, tutorials and blogs that have been created by the PHP community. This in fact adds to the popularity of this web programming language. Discussions on the forums are an immense resource for PHP developers from where they can get all the help they need with regards their development projects.

Standard libraries
PHP language is loaded with standard set of libraries that are comprehensive and consistent, and can also be efficiently handled by the PHP programmers. It is supportive in performing low-level yet pricey operations while not involving as much of context switching as seen in some of the other languages.

Immense stability
Over the past years, PHP has emerged as a highly stable language today powering most of the big brands and their sites around the Web. Facebook is one of the most popular social media that run on PHP, handling millions of queries, messages and registration capabilities. The programming language is unquestionably stable while it undergoes rapid adaptation for building websites of varying shapes and sizes.

PHP, without doubt, is gaining much needed popularity in the online world. Its open source nature is selling factor that developers can take certainly advantage of for creating web solutions designed to congregate the needs of small and large businesses. While there are no security concerns about the programming language, it is quite much left to the choice of PHP developers to incorporate security into the applications developed.

It can in one piece be said that PHP is the future as far as web-based development services are related.

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