Sunday, 23 November 2014

How Fine Do You Understand Quality Assurance?

The greater part of us just knows Quality Assurance as a feature of Software Testing but do we know the importance and criticalities of Quality Assurance? It is not just a quality test; it is much more than that.

Software Quality Testing
This signifies that we make sure that the requirements/specifications are achieved. Quality Assurance assures that the ventured project/product will be submitted on the origin of pre-set standards that have to be error free. QA helps and directs for a better project and it is best implemented when accepted out at the start of the project. It is a means that permits us to execute the standards of the project.

Software Quality Assurance
If done at the commencement of the development yields better results violating shortcoming which is a boost to the business. Assurance of Quality is gainful to be a part of the process at the start because the teams are able to converse and co-ordinate and are linked to each other as a complete  package- each associated member would know the detailing of the project hence enhanced performance of the project.

Quality Assurance processes checklist of documentation, code reviews, release management, change management, source code control, configuration management and absolute testing of the software.

A good number of us are not aware that there's a line of disparity between QA and Software Testing and thus QA is often confused with testing. Testing is the measurement of effort against specifications whereas QA as mentioned over is to make sure that the requirements are met. QA unswervingly affects the customers, when something goes wrong or is not as per the user's inclinations, customers get restless and query the authenticity of the product.

What is a Quality standard?
Quality Standards sources are diverse thus can arise from either by the organization, they may be pre defined by the customer or they may be in the easiest form where the team itself sets definite goals for themselves. But the questions is does the source really matter? No! All that matters is the excellence, the end product, the strategy to plan to achieve the best quality. Often products/projects requirements can be very precise hence here documentation plays its role. Documentation is an indispensable part in Quality Assurance. So keep your comments available when you kick start your Assurance of Quality processes.

Role of Testing in QA
Dependence! Testing adds benefits to quality, it unquestionably improves quality. Though as mentioned above they are different attitudes yet closely linked together. Testing helps as a conduit to seek flaws that serve to achieve a better quality. Though it is not an uncomplicated process but testing outputs play a critical role that benefit to know the root cause of flaws that are a impediment to a good quality. These testing results serve as inputs to cope quality processes.

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