Thursday, 22 May 2014

Advantages of Software Integration

Software integration is not a new concept many organizations have utilized integrated systems for many years. In the warehousing industry for instance many warehouses make use of systems which separately  manage various aspects of the task but which also link together to increase flexibility and improve work  flow. We can list the most notable benefits that software integration can benefit to your business.

Improved Roadmap
In today’s quite active environment it usually becomes necessary to use diverse software systems to manage and complete all the tasks required. The major drawback of this is that it can become cumbersome to keep track of things and having to constantly switch between programs and tasks. Using the integrated software systems we can have a much more seamless working environment save a lot of time, hassle, reduce stress greatly and make use efficient of resources to get productive output.

Real-Time Order Management
Keeping track of real-time data and customer orders can be quite difficult it is similar of having two different programs giving out different things about the same batch. For example, your CRM might state that a status of an order has been shipped while your WMS status states that the stock is still on the shelf. This sort of mix-up not only creates confusion and conflicts while offering no answers.

By integrating many of these processes all information can be saved across all platforms concurrently which means that you can be quite sure that the data you're viewing is up-to-date, irrespective of the system you may be using at that moment. This promotes conformity in the warehouse and incredibly improves user confidence and can even be used to keep customers well intimated on the status of their orders.

 A Uniform accepted Language
Another potential drawback of using different individual systems is the variations that can occur in classification. Different users can end using different words for the same thing - for example, "client" and "customer", or "unit" and "item" - which can create miscommunication, conflicts and ultimately less productivity.

Integrating your systems or using a pre-existing integrated suite merges multiple platforms into a single system which can boost users to maintain consistency. Utilizing the same standards in every instance reduces confusion and makes life easier for users.

Savings in IT Time and Cost
Beside from the obvious firmness in interface and functionality using a software system from a single provider also has its support advantages. Dealing with a single team from day one will ease imperative processes starting from the initial setup and simplify any maintenance that may be required reducing immense cost.

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