Thursday, 22 May 2014

Interactive Website Design

Mobile usage and browsing has been on the surge as more users own smart devices which have conducive access to the internet. The time that people spend on the internet devices have nearly doubled.  Study shows that in the last years the amount of time spent on the internet using smart phones rose by nearly 3 times. This is significant compared to the 4 times increase on desktops.
The online retail businesses report that nearly third who visit their website use mobile devices and gadgets. Mobile browsing has been growing briskly and this has forced website organizations to rethink twice of their design approach. Website owners are drifting toward responsive designs to support mobile browsing. Static designs are no longer competent as online users are considering interactive websites. There are multiple reasons why you should have an interactive website design.

Build Long-term Relationships
An interactive website design allows you to build long-term relationships with your online users. Long-term relationships are quite important for a business. It is quite easy to sell your products and services to a user online after you have engaged him on your site. Interactive designs make it easy to start communications with potential clients and this helps to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Extensive Reach
Interactivity is one of the most significant parameters of an effective website. An interactive website design allows online users to participate. Websites have become more refined over the years and users now expect worthwhile interaction with the sites they visit. When a visitor finds what they are looking for on a site they are more chances to stay longer and visit it frequently and even make a sale. If a site is interactive and offers valuable content, visitors will share the information with their networks and connections on other sites. This is a significant advantage to a business because it gives you an extensive reach.

Improve Conversion Rates
When the internet was introduced online users browsed the web to view information and other websites. This has changed rapidly over the years and every user now wants to be part of the community. They also want to generate content and participate in online forums. There is a paradigm shift towards user generated content such as links, music, videos, pictures and ratings. Online users want to be part of the website and they make valuable contributions. This keeps them coming back to your site and improvised conversion rates.

Better Search Engine Rankings
A mobile receptive website design makes it easy for online users to access information or data irrespective of location. They can use their mobile gadgets when they are on the move. If your site allows interactivity you are more likely to get more visibility and this has a positive impact on your search engine rankings. People tend to visit sites that they find on the search engines. When you integrate some meaningful interactive elements into your website this helps to attract online users. If people find valuable and engaging content on your site and they want to navigate through the pages and they will use it for a longer period and even include your link on other sites. You build back links naturally when online users share your links. This increases your online reputation and increases your search engine ranking.

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