Monday, 19 May 2014

Challenges in SharePoint Administration

One of the excellent ways to get organized as a business with different departments and roles is through the inherent consolidation of SharePoint. SharePoint grants for easy integration, organization and sharing across departments within a very secure web portal. Using the SharePoint, intercommunication, document storage and delivery within organizations has become a lot easier to access. SharePoint has indeed created astonishment for organizations across the business world.

Like all good things come with certain issues SharePoint also has its own if deployed inaccurately especially within huge organizations the systems can become unmanageable and quite behave unpredictable. This not only leads to expensive fixes and also troubleshooting however it also exposes the organization to potential security risks.

Here are some of the issues that one can come across whilst running SharePoint:

Multiple Directories - If there are lot of multiple directories within the organization SharePoint can instantly develop complications from the management view. This is exclusively if you want to expose certain SharePoint pages available to external users.

Governance - When managing multiple SharePoint pages by various individuals internally, 
things can get precarious sometimes. You may even have SharePoint administrators conflicting with internal administrators on the backend. You should have a single point of governance but can't quite figure out how to make that happen.

Compliance and Permissions - Are you quite sure that users who shouldn't have access to certain SharePoint pages are able to access these pages? Are you sure that users who should have access have been set up? As the pages and points of approach grow within your organization, these points become hard to keep track of.

Before your SharePoint system advances out of control, you quite need to partner with a virtual support to help the system function as it should.

Virtual Identity Servers and SharePoint
Implementing the Virtual Identity Server (VIS), the SharePoint issues can be easily managed in an effortless and cost-effective manner. A VIS will be the extended functionality of SharePoint should your company grow you will be able to maintain your systems in a easily and secure manageable manner. With a VIS you will immediately have the following major benefits to your SharePoint:

Single Sign-On – You don’t have to worry about the multiple points of access. With a single sign-on point all users will access through a singular point which makes quite easy for management and tracking.

Single Administration Point - Administrators will also have a single point of access thus eliminating the confusion and conflicts with administrators on the backend.

Compliance and Reporting - Using VIS, users will have elaborate reporting functions to track use and access. In addition the users can easily keep track of and update permissions through detailed access control functions by role or department.

Directory Integration – Users can also easily integrate several directories using SharePoint keeping lists as accurate as departments expand within the organizational structure.
When it comes to running SharePoint, users require a partner that will assist the program in a seamless and cost-effective fashion. A VIS will surely improve organization within the system, stabilize management from the backend, control access points, and improve reporting functions.

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