Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cloud Storage - Is It Really Advantageous?

The likeness of a cloud to describe this new ingenious form of computing fairly depicts the very definition of this new technology. Those times are gone when storage had necessarily to be on physical hard drives located within the periphery of your CPU. The age of mobile computing depends entirely upon us and whether we like it or not the concept is changing the very essence of what digital media and storage is defined and how it will be in the coming future.

In the new enhanced arrangement we are physically detached from our data and information which actually makes it more free and itinerant. It seems that the completion of producing ever insignificant storage technology is no longer the defining feature of the current IT industry. It's all about the cloud from currently. You can store all your data on storage devices across the far stretches of the globe and easily access it from your smart devices, tablets, desktop computers, work stations and thousands of other digital platforms. 

Now the query which one really would ask is how security is implemented on this cloud storage. This actually is from the concept that mere separation of your data from your computers and other IT devices really does signify that all this would no longer exist under the physical control, hence the probable danger. The idea that users most intimate messages, pictures ,emails, videos, bank account details and other secure information which is saved on remote computers beyond the physical reach may really scare some users. 

The other question that rises in our mind is will the users be able to ever retrieve their data if the internet is no longer accessible? What about the physical security of this new strategy of computing? Can they be trusted and hold good for valuable governmental and corporate data? Is this information not prone to hackers? 

What if some hacks into an entire cloud storage system and steals all data and information?
Such questions definitely carve a dismay outlook towards technology in general. Pessimists will definitely argue that the in this current era when computers is take over our lives. They may be right up to an extent, but nevertheless there are a few basic steps which can prevent the tendency that your data will be under precarious possession.

First of all we should always make quite certain that we use a deemed cloud platform to save your information. In Addition, investment in a security and anti-virus on all platforms from which you access your data is quite fundamental. This will block off any threats which you may encounter from hackers. We should also make sure that the host server uses best encryption software on cloud storage as it is the only assurance that hackers won't be able to steal your information. It is only fruitful that you use a merge of these methods that cloud storage can really be of use to it. It is quite certain there will always be a level of risk correlated with this particular model of computing which needs to be accepted.

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