Thursday, 29 May 2014

Which is the best among Android, Windows and iPhone?

The smartphone sphere is currently influenced by three major mobile platforms: Apple's iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows platform. While there are other mobile OS such as Firefox OS and Blackberry only these three mobile platforms mentioned previously has been able to conquer 90% of the smart phone and tablet market. Out of the several mobile handset manufacturers such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Asus and Samsung most of these use these operating systems on their devices. These systems have their own advantages and often it becomes quite challenging to choose the exact platform a mobile user should entrust on.

As per the market data, Android phones lead the most shares due to the reason that there are several handset manufacturing firms who have embraced the Google's platform. Indeed, firms like LG, HTC and Samsung are part of the "Open Handset Alliance", which is a conglomerate which develops the Android operating system in association. The greatest advantage of Android is that it is open source software and there are multiple developers  and programmers who are using this in addition it is fully integrated with Google and thereby the users who are dependent on Google services this happens to be the suitable phone. 

The Google app store right now hosts thousands of free apps which is one of the major reasons why most smartphone users prefer Android. On the other side, the Android platform has several development issues. Since manufacturers are flexible to modify the software stack while offering customized solutions the system is quite not enhanced for the related hardware.

Microsoft totally has a disparate approach in the smartphone business. Contradictory to its desktop version, the Microsoft caters to a very distinct market and has limited handsets it supports such as Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Although the hardware-software integration is almost perfect, there are several issues with the platform which is one of the reasons that it is not so prominent in the market. Primarily, there is limited choice when it comes to applications. Secondarily it is more suited for business users who need to be in accord with Microsoft products for example Office suite.

Despite all this, when we think of innovation there is no match for Apple and its exemplary product, iPhone. The true pioneers of the smartphone business; Apple has reinvented the viewpoint of mobile gadgets and will continue to bring in modernization with every new version launched. The system is a locked and proprietary system however has extremely benefiting and progressive range of apps. Nevertheless it is targeted for high-end users and consequently do not cater to the every user in the market in general.

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