Friday, 22 August 2014

All About Android

The competition in the smartphone world these days is among phones running on Android and those made by Apple. Instead of having a bet on the side of Apple, the world's prominent smartphone maker, developers seem to not care much about it; thereby deciding to bet on the green side of Google's Android. This should be one of your attentions when you are pondering about selling your old smartphone. Should you continue with the existing smartphone or should you switch to an iPhone?

But before you go ahead and made a decision, here's a brief overview of Android for those who are used to iPhones.

What is Android? It just happens to be the world's most popular mobile platform. Android is an operating system developed by Google to run on mobile devices. Each version is named after a type of sugary sweet food (for example, the latest version of their OS is the Ice Cream Sandwich). It is based on Linux and is the main competitor of iOS on the market.

The Android is an open source OS, meaning that many firms have created handsets running on Android. In fact, a greater part of mobile devices these days run on Android. Samsung, HTC, and Sony Ericsson are just some of smartphones that run on Android technology. Utilized by several smartphones, such as the Droid, G1, and Nexus One, Android software is open source, meaning it is not associated to a particular cell phone manufacturer or service provider.

Third-party apps  are also supported by the Android OS which are often downloaded from the Android Market, Google's online software store, which has been renamed Google Play. As of the instant, Google Play, regardless of being used by more people for more gadgets, seems to have fewer apps, not to mention that in certain areas, its functionalities are fewer. For example, in Asia and South America, only apps are available, meaning an Android user can source music, eBooks, and video files elsewhere. In the iTunes store, any iPhone user anywhere in the world can buy anything from it, as long as you have an iTunes account. If you are a traveler or love to stay overseas for long periods, you may want to think this in deciding whether or not to sell your used smartphone and switch to an iPhone or not.

What It Does?
Android powers zillions of phones, tablets, and other devices and brings the supremacy of Google and the web within your reach.

By having an remarkably fast browser, multi-tasking capabilities, more convenient ways to connect and share, cloud sync, and the most common Google apps (and thousands of other apps available on the Android Market) your Android powered device is way more than just being 'smart.'
With all of Android's promise, the iPhone still manages to outsell it, though.

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