Thursday, 21 August 2014

Responsive Web Design: The Solution to Higher Sales and Lead Generation

Previously it was enough for IT firms to have a website. Afterward it needed more interactivity, now it needs social networking plugins. Little thought was given, if at all, to how the website would look on the small screens of the latest feature phone. The introduction of the smartphone has changed all that. Today a website needs to be available across a plethora of devices; from tablets to smart phones and everything else's in between.

To tackle this crucial demand developers have adopted a new technology called Responsive Web Design. This is a form of design that has fluid panels that are not bound by pixels but by percentages, thus allowing them to literally transform, in accord to the device that the website is used upon. This in turn permits the browsers of any device to exhibit the website in an optimal fashion with as little panning or scrolling required by the user.

The consequence of designing websites in this unique fashion is undoubtedly immense. However the one aspect it truly affects the most is the number of leads it can generate which leads to a higher sales ratio.

The design of a website in this format all phases out the cost of maintaining a separate website for mobile phone users. It thus proves to be cost effective as well It also lends itself to greater SEO adaptability. A single website across multiple devices can increase the number of hits on a website to a very large extent.

Yet as quoted earlier the greatest advantage is lead and sales generation. In simpler words, the end user of a responsive design website finds themselves in engaged with a rich and interactive device no matter what device he uses to browse it on. This leaves a very encouraging impression on the end user. The website is far more accessible to consumers who may not have access to a personal computer, or those who prefer to use a tablet for browsing. This expansion of reach for the responsive design website is a major reason most designers are switching to this form of web development. Increased viewership may not mean sure immediate sales rise but the propensity to increase sales is definitely heightened by the responsive website design. Since so far less than five percent of the total websites on the internet are using this technology, the ones who have engaged it are already miles ahead of their competitors. Just the fact that a user can access a website across multiple devices may be the reason why they don't even consider looking into the completion.

There is the likelihood that your existing website does not lend itself to being redesigned in the Responsive design style either due to technical obstacles or maybe your business may feel that this style does not really suit you. 

Sales can be a tricky proposition for a website. Window shopping has reached its apex on the World Wide Web. As any marketer will tell you high footfall does not guarantee sales. Yet it has been recorded that, websites that have used responsive website design have a consistently high level of sales for the company the website represents. The elementary reason for this is accessibility. The responsive website does not need a credible customer to park themselves in front of a computer to get the best out of their website. Even the small screen of a feature phone gives them the richest content and display in a format that requires very little of them. Thus they are induced to interact with the website despite the limitations of their device.

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